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Service & Support

VT Vacuum Technologies has been providing service and support to customers in India for over 20 years. We have a dedicated team of skilled service engineers, capable of providing local, remote, on-site support. Our service personnel are trained by manufacturer’s technical team to provide the required services and support. 

Calibration Service - Meeting the highest national standards

At VT Vacuum Technologies, as a supplier of process control equipment for the Measurement and Control of Pressure/Vacuum, we understand that establishing a consistent regular calibration program for your gas pressure and flow instrument is critical to ensuring repeatable processes within a tool, between tools in the same facility, across tools in similar facilities, and when transferring processes across stages of the tool’s life cycle. Ensuring instrument calibrations that are accurate and traceable is essential to meeting the documentation needs for ISO 9000 or SEMI standards.

All calibration services are performed by trained service engineers using the latest in calibration equipment. If any components are replaced during calibration, your unit is run through a stability test. This test ensures that changes in ambient temperature conditions cause only predictable changes (within published specifications) in the instrument measurement. Instrumentation is returned complete with calibration data showing traceability to the appropriate national or international standards laboratory.

Our calibration centres are capable of traceable measurements for gas pressure from 1 x 10-5 Torr to 1000 Torr; and for gas flow from 10 SCCM to 50,000 SCCM / 50 SLM (nitrogen equivalent). All calibrations are directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA.

We have capabilities and expertise to provide the Evaluation and Fault Diagnostics Services for the following products.

  • PVD / Thermal / E-beam and CVD Systems
  • Vacuum & Pressure Gauges 
  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Power Supplies and Readouts 
  • Power Delivery Systems (RF & DC & Microwave Power Supplies)
  • Gas Analysis products (FTIR Spectroscopy) and RGA (Mass Spectroscopy)

We also have capabilities and expertise to provide the following Services for Cryogenics products

  • Installation, Training, Technical Support of Cryostats and Dilution Refrigerators
  • Service and Repair of Cryostats
  • Cryocooler Displacer Replacement and Refurbishment
  • Compressor Absorber Replacement 
  • Compressor Gas Refilling 
  • Evaluation and Fault Diagnostics of Compressor Transformer, Electrical & Electronics and repair.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Service

VT Vacuum Technologies undertakes AMC contracts where applicable and can provide the following services as part of the AMC

  • Conduct mechanical & electrical testing of components
  • Replacement of wear & tear components where applicable 
  • Perform gas cell cleaning & optics tuning for gas analysis (FTIR) products 
  • Install and update recommended manufacturer firmware & software updates
  • Ensure that the instrument/system operates as per manufacturer specification
  • Provide user training & technical support to customer support/engineering team where applicable
  • We provide preventive maintenance service and breakdown repairs 

Note: Field / In-house Services (including Testing / Calibration / Repair) may not be possible for certain instruments. It is advised to get in touch with our service team for all your service requirements. 

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